Merkel Design Studio
How something looks says as much about you as the words you speak. In fact, how something looks is often the litmus test of whether a message is even believed. Think about it. Would you view a product as high quality if the design resonated otherwise? Would you consider a company trustworthy if their materials looked anything but?

Creating a design that not only reflects a brand or a message, but actually enhances it is serious business. And it’s a business that Merkel Design has excelled at for close to 20 years and across all categories of consumer and business communications.

3600 Clipper Mill Rd., Suite 400
Baltimore, MD 21211

Phone: 410.467.0381
Fax: 410.467.7802

Founded in 1990, Merkel Design Studio is a full service graphic design firm that provides a wide variety of corporate and consumer communication materials. A results-oriented approach to projects ensures that design solutions grow out of a sound communications strategy and achieve the desired goals for our clients. In other words, we think like strategists and then translate that thinking into materials that resonate and enhance a brand’s personality and emotion. It’s what sets us apart from other design boutiques and it’s also why so many of our clients have been with us for years.

Our design services include:

logos and corporate identity

materials branding programs

brochures and various collateral pieces


point-of-sale materials